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With much excitement, we’re honored to announce that we’re extending our information sharing through the launch of the BeMedique Podcast. Listen on your drive to work or home, while doing housework or homework, even while exercising, and use your time to learn something new.

In our first series, “Multiple reasons for weight gain you would never expect,” we’ll discuss various diet types, exercising, the importance of micronutrients, intolerances, emotional influences, hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, and genes, and how all of these factors can affect your weight.

Here is a short overview of the first episode in this BeMedique Podcast series:

Episode 1: Breaking the Weight Gain Cycle: Why am I stuck? And How Can I Move on?

Throughout the centuries the ideals of beauty have changed. In western society today, physical attractiveness is dependent on weight. Thin people are perceived as successful, hardworking, fit, healthy, and happy. But this perception is not 100% accurate. There are many thin people who have an unhealthy lifestyle, just as there are many overweight people with healthier lifestyles, who are working hard to lose weight. Most of these people who are overweight go to the gym,  and try a variety of popular diets. Some are successful, some quit, and some go forward without any long-term results. Breaking free of social expectations can be very hard. But the most difficult issue is breaking the “doom cycle” of weight gain. The first step in breaking the cycle is being able to answer the questions, “what’s going wrong?” and “why am I stuck?” This episode will focus on these questions with an interview from an expert in functional and holistic medicine, Dr. Villanueva.


In this episode of BeMedique`s Podcast, Dr. Elena Villanueva, an experienced practitioner in functional and holistic medicine, will give you an interesting and educational look at various causes of weight gain. Dr. Villanueva has helped hundreds of people find and remove the causes of weight gain, lose weight permanently, and move on to healthier lifestyles.


BeMedique Podcasts will be hosted by Elena Brull, founder of BeMedique, and will begin airing in mid of October of 2017.  Look for us on our website!

Let`s move for the better quality of life!

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Series #1: Multiple Reasons For Weight Gain You Would Never Expect!

The BeMedique Podcast series was created for you! To give you clear educational information about lifestyle, diet, and health. You’ll learn how health can affect your appearance, but most important, you’ll recognize how powerful you are in influencing your own health, appearance, success and happiness.

Episode #1:Breaking the Weight Gain Cycle. Why am I stuck? And How Can I Move on?

Most of us want to be healthy, skinny, and fit. Don’t we? And we think that dieting is the key. From a young age we start testing different diets, unknowingly beginning the weight gain cycle. This diet experimentation has lead to various misunderstandings about food, which can ultimately cause multiple long-term problems with weight. Today, Dr. Villanueva will explain, why the most popular diets don´t work and cause more problems than benefits. In this episode we’ll talk with Dr. Villanueva (Dr. V) about common diet mistakes, and about mindful eating.

Episode #2: Mindful Eating. Don’t get hungry!
Neuroscientists figured out that mindful eating could be the key to losing weight permanently. We should be aware of what we eat because our brain controls our cravings…

Series #2: Yoga For Better You!

With Jill Rolston-Yates, RYT Certified Yoga Instructor 

Jill Rolston-YatesJill has been a professional yoga instructor since 2015 with 20 years of personal practice.

Most important changes when start practicing yoga:

  1. Happier, less emotional reactivity
  2. More compassionate towards others, a sense of the bigger picture, the greater good, and how I can contribute to that
  3. Physically more healthy- losing weight without trying, eating healthier foods, a stronger, leaner body with more energy. three good motivation factors.

Audio Articles

Why Are We Aging? – Knowledge of Ancient Wisdom

In ancient Chinese Medicine, aging is the result of imbalances in our body. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the primary root of imbalance is extreme negative emotion, lack of life goals, and an imbalanced lifestyle including imbalanced nutrition

Why Are We Aging? – Scientific Insights

Insights from the scientific fields of endocrinology and epigenetics complement the knowledge of ancient wisdom and give us deeper understanding into the question of why we’re aging

Anti-Aging Effects of Meditation

Enriching emotional balance is a challenge in our normally imbalanced, imperfect, and stressful world. The ancient masters developed the potent techniques of meditation and yoga to enrich the state of mindfulness and emotional balance.

Rejuvenating Effects of Acupuncture

For three thousand years acupuncture has been used to improve health positively. Records dating back to this time show these significant influence of acupuncture on our health. These documents describe that with the support of acupuncture treatment many emotional and physical issues disappear.

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