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Elena Brull, Founder & CEO

Elena is CEO of the Online Media Platform for Integrative Medicine, Lifestyle, and Beauty, BeMedique LLC.

Why BeMedique?

Elena has always been passionate about helping people. She created the Online Media Platform BeMedique in order to help educate and advocate for better quality of life, and to bring experts and practitioners together with those looking for guidance.

The progress in the scientific field of genetics, biomedicine, and psychology has led Elena to believe that every health issue can be predicted, analyzed, and avoided. She is convinced that the alignment between different medical and scientific disciplines, including Traditional Eastern Medicine, can significantly improve the healing process.

Acupuncture, botanical and natural medicine, diet, and the awareness of the power of the mind and emotions is a major component for strengthening the self-healing power of the human body. However, today all of these fields are separated. With BeMedique, Elena has brought these fields together, creating a platform of interdisciplinary education, information, and tools. In addition, BeMedique has filled the void in what she saw as the biggest issue—preventative care.

Elena believes that education about lifestyle choices, nutrition, personal attitude, and personal growth is the first step helping people prevent the development of chronic and serious health problems.

About Elena

Elena is originally from Berlin Germany and moved to Austin, TX in 2016. Already working on projects involving the idea of integrative medicine in Germany, BeMedique extends her passion for helping others by sharing information, research, education, and connecting people and experts.   

 Let’s start with a better quality of life!


Dr. Villanueva, Expert Functional Medicine

Dr. Villanueva DC, or Dr. V, is a doctor of chiropractic who practices Holistic Medicine based on the principles of Functional Medicine in Austin, Texas.  Dr. V’s passion is supporting people in their search for healthier alternatives in healing their chronic conditions and working with individuals looking to establish a healthier lifestyle. Dr. V’s specializations include: balancing female hormones, supporting autoimmune disorders, type II diabetes, neurochemical imbalances, genetic defects including MTHFR, insomnia, metabolic syndrome, and others.

Dr. V studied under leading methylation and genetic doctors including Dr. Kendal Stewart and Dr. J Dunn, whose work is based on genetic research done by Amy Yasko, PhD. She is passionate about learning and utilizing cutting-edge technology for genetic analysis and epigenetics while employing functional nutrition. With genetic data, she can analyze underlying issues with her patients and precisely create personalized programs to work to heal and target the source of chronic conditions. Dr. V took interest in not only the wisdom found in ancestral, biological, and ecological

Dr. V took interest in not only the wisdom found in ancestral, biological, and ecological science, but also in the metaphysical nature of healing the body, mind and the spirit. Through her practice, she aims to provide an environment of self-empowerment as she works to support the healing of ailments and their underlying causes. Dr. Villanueva is seasoned both scientifically and experientially in a wide variety of complementary healing approaches including holistic medicine, natural organic herbs, meditation, and more.


Irina Gelwer, Expert in Lifestyle Design and Contributor

Have you ever thought, “why don´t I get the results I desire in my life?” When you read Irina’s articles, you’ll likely get the answer! Irina is very passionate about optimization at all levels. She is drawn to optimize the way we live in order to achieve the best results in life – especially with success in career, family, friends, and beauty. As an expert in process optimization, Irina deals with the improvement of corporate processes and organizational structures. She advises, coaches, and teaches clients in both quality management and change management methods. Since Irina began to analyze and improve the processes in her own life, she’s looked for compelling tools for lifestyle design, problem-solving, and personal development. When it comes to interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution, Irina benefits from her education as a mediator.

In her teenage years, she discovered the connection between body, mind, and environment. Convinced that our entire lives are not only influenced by our internal world but the external world as well, Irina studied Feng Shui. She combines eastern wisdom with the modern scientific knowledge to get the best results possible.

Irina lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She draws her positive energy from Hatha yoga and Zen yoga.

Since December 2017, Irina has been writing about her personal experiences and contributing to BeMedique’s mission. She has shared informative and educational articles on becoming a better version of ourselves and doing things today so that we can be amazing tomorrow, and will continue to share much more!

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