Puffy Eyes

Eye Edema / Eye Bags


Puffy Eyes (Eye Edema / Eye Bags) Above / Under the Eyelid

The puffiness around your eyelids is the way your body is telling you, that your kidney energy is weakening. While to the energy system of kidneys also belong adrenal glands, regenerative organs, bladder, brain and spinal cord, it could also be the message from your body, which some of these inner organs are weakening too.

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Puffy Eyes (Eye Edema / Eye Bags) On the Eye Lid (Above and Beneath the Eye)

When your eyes begin to become smaller because of swollen eye lids (or eye puffiness) the best beauty treatment is to take care of your stomach or splenic energy.  The first steps to strengthen the splenic energy is to change your lifestyle, diet, and getting rid of negative emotions that can overcome you such as worry, grief, sorrow, guilt, unstable mood, and dependence on societal codes.

Eye puffiness can also be a sign of improper lymph circulation. The spleen produces lymphocytes and is involved in the flow of the lymph stream as well as the whole immune system.

You should take the messages your body gives you seriously, especially when you recognize more appearance-based symptoms like enlarged blood vessels and lymph nodes, weakening muscles,  weight gain, or pain in the middle area of the spine.

For more information about strategies on how to strengthen the splenic and stomach energy, how to improve the lymph circulation, and how to minimalize eye circles read more here


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