Decoding Signs

Decode the messages of your body

Using the knowledge studied since 600 B.C.E. from the Taoist monks and the principles of Chinese Medicine (TCM) of face reading and mapping you can begin to understand

  • what your body is trying to tell you and
  • help to prevent chronic diseases.

Decode the messages of your body by clicking on each section of face

Eye Circles (Sunken Eye)

Eye circles (aka sunken eye) are caused by a general weakening of elasticity and usually begin to appear in the late thirties, but they can also be the result of a genetic predisposition and appear earlier. One reason for a sunken eye area is chronic stress. Chronic stress causes a lack of nutrients, endocrine imbalances, and it weakens the immune system. Stress can be caused by internal, as unreleased emotional sadness, pain, or anxiety. It can also be caused by external factors such as a lack of sleep, lack of sun, lack of oxygen, or a large consumption of alcohol and smoking. For more information about the possible causes of eye circles (sunken eye) and strategies on how to minimalize the appearance of eye circles, read more here.


Colored / Shaded Eye Circles

Eye circles are formed by changes in the color under the eye area and can appear at any age for a short or extended period. The color of the shaded area can give us clues to which organ or organ system is imbalanced or weakened. The intensity of the color and the duration of the appearance under the eye indicates how severe the imbalance is. When coupled with a sunken eye area for more than three months you should pay more attention to your physical and emotional state. For more information on the meaning of the appearance of specific shade colors read here. (*1)


Puffy Eyes (Eye Edema / Eye Bags)

When not genetically caused, the appearance of eye puffiness is an unyielding signal that you should look at your lifestyle choices. Unhealthy lifestyle habits including your diet and emotions can imbalance the endocrine system and weaken internal organs, especially kidneys and spleen. The specific areas of a decline of your internal organs depend on which eye area the puffiness appears. Find more detailed information about it click here (*2)


Impurities above or under the eye

The appearance of impurities around the eye area is a sign of a weakened energy level of the liver and spleen. For more information about the meaning of the presence of impurities above or under the eye read here (*3).


Weakening elasticity of the eyelids and below the eyes (or the upper and lower eyelids)

The weakening of elasticity is a sign of the aging process. That means your organs and your endocrine system are weakened, imbalanced, and aging as well.

For more information about strategies on how to stop the weakening process of eye lids read more here.


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