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Rejuvenating Effects of Acupuncture

Listen to the article For three thousand years acupuncture has been used to improve health positively. Records dating back to this time show these significant influence of acupuncture on our health. These documents describe that with the support of acupuncture treatment many emotional and physical issues disappear. The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the… Read More »

Vegan Qi Tonifier Salad

For a micro-nutritional body boost, try this Vegan Qi Tonifier Salad!  This salad is rich in vitamin A, C, potassium, and iron. It’s vegan and gluten free. Why should you try this Vegan Qi Tonifier Salad? Reason # 1: It’s delicious! And, it’s 100 % meat free appropriate for both vegan and vegetarian diets! Reason # 2: It’s… Read More »

Anti-Aging Effects of Meditation

Listen to the article Enriching emotional balance is a challenge in our normally imbalanced, imperfect, and stressful world. The ancient masters developed the potent techniques of meditation and yoga to enrich the state of mindfulness and emotional balance. Asking people about their meditation experiences can teach newcomers and experienced practitioners so much about the great influence of meditation.… Read More »

The Power of Emotions on Longevity

Imagine the existence of an accurate method to test how healthy you will be in the future, how long you will stay young, and how long you will live. The ancient method of Ayurveda has been using this testing method for thousands of years.  Ayurveda uses daily emotions and thoughts like a barometer for a person’s future health… Read More »