Why Are We Aging? – The Big Picture

Have you ever noticed that some people in their fifties look like they’re in their thirties and some people in their thirties look like they’re in their fifties? And why does there exist this small group of individuals who seem to be ageless? It’s a mysterious phenomenon, isn’t it? The most commonly heard answer to this question is often, “it´s genetics.”   So, is there a genetic predetermination for how fast we age? Or, do we have the power to influence the aging process?

Aging is a very complicated biological, biochemical, physical and mental process. It’s not simply just about one specific hormone, enzyme, amino acid or mineral. To understand the aging process, we need to understand the body: including both the mind and emotions. The aging process does not only show on the surface, our skin, but it also occurs in our minds, in our cells, and across our whole body.
Learn more about the knowledge of ancient wisdom, and new scientific insights to the question of why we’re aging. Find the answer to question of genetic predestination, and learn about our power to influence the aging process.

Knowledge of Ancient Wisdom

Scientific Insights

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