How to Fulfill Dreams

Best Practice Methods for Goal Achievement What is your deepest wish? Do you want a professional breakthrough or a beautiful athletic figure?  What are you doing to make this a reality? Whatever your dreams may be, continually setting new goals and striving for something is part of a happy and fulfilling life. But why do so many goals… Read More »


How to Become a High-Performer (Part II)

Do you want to improve the performance of your daily life? In the first part of our series, “How to become a High-Performer? Part I,” we discussed the scientifically proven methods that can help you reach your highest performance potential. Continuing with these methods, in part II we’ll discuss how to integrate new habits into your daily life… Read More »


How to Become a High Performer (Part I)

Do you frequently feel there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to be the best you possible? In our very hectic lives, we hurry to do more, to achieve more, and sleep is often seen as annoying and superfluous. In our efforts to extend the day, to get more hours, to accomplish more, we try to… Read More »


Vegan Etiquette – Social Challenges In An Animal-Product-Centric Society.

What Every Vegan and Vegetarian Should Know—The Basics Becoming a vegan or vegetarian is very rewarding but it can also be very challenging. Though most believe that eating is most challenging, the truth is that the most challenging part is actually the deviation from societal norms. This article focuses on the social challenges of living a vegan and… Read More »


Surprising Benefits of Yoga – Weight Loss & Better Performance

 With Jill Rolston-Yates, RYT Certified Yoga Instructor Are you struggling with losing a couple of pounds or getting in shape? Do you have problems handling stress in your daily life? Does this stress lead to other emotional issues, like anxiety or depression? If so, tune in and listen to this episode of the BeMedique podcast! We’ll talk… Read More »

Andrea Holloway

Veggie Green Bean Soup – 100% Plant-Based

Feeling hungry and tired? Try this Veggie Green Bean Soup! Eating a bowl of vegetable soup as a snack between meals or as a starter to every meal is a great habit for weight control. This veggie soup is 100% plant-based, contains fewer calories and has the perfect “filling” effect.  The combination of different vegetables, herbs, oil, and… Read More »


Special Day Protein Salad

Why do we call this colorful dish Special Day Protein Salad? The colorfulness of this salad reminds me of the beauty and vibrant diversity of life. The salad’s components are a mood booster and packed with the protein and micronutrients that our body needs. The combination of four simple ingredients are not only vibrant but include delicious sour… Read More »


Vegan Pumpkin Sin Carne 100-% Plant-Based

Are you looking for a recipe with a Mexican flare? This recipe, inspired by the traditional Mexican dish chile con carne, is 100-% plant-based.   Pumpkin sin Carne, which means Pumpkin without meat, is gluten-free, a good source of protein and iron, and is absolutely delicious! You can serve this tasty, savory dish with bread, wild rice, or… Read More »


Mediterranean Plant-Based Protein Ragù

Are you looking for a delicious Mediterranean plant-based protein dish? Try this Mediterranean Plant-Based Protein Ragù! It’s a versatile dish that can be eaten as a snack, as a side dish, or as a meal with gluten-free noodles or salad. It’s the perfect meal with a Mediterranean touch! 2 servings Preparation time: 3-5 minutes Cooking time: 7 minutes… Read More »


Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat Every Day?

Are you someone who loves steaks, burgers, and sausages? Do you think that you need to eat meat to survive? Do you think that vegetarians and vegans are all kinds of crazy? It is true that some vegans and vegetarians overreact a bit; however, behind the craziness is a serious issue. Overconsumption of meat is a huge global… Read More »